SPECS: AWS: A5.1 E-7016-1 / SFA 5.1 E-7016-1

Saudi Rod 7016-1 is a low hydrogen all position electrode for welding low alloy, high carbon steels, high pressure vessel construction and heavy structure steel.


Suitable for non-alloy structured steel, fine grained structure steel, and all other fabrication where good impact toughness at sub zero temperatures are required.


Current SettingDiameter (mm)2.503.204.005.00
AC/ DC+Amperage90-11090-140140-180180-220
Weld Metal Chemical Analasys %CMnSiSP
0.08 - 0.100.90 - 1.200.30 - 0.600.020 0.020
Mechanical PropertiesUTS (N/MM)YS (N/MM)ELONGATION in 4D (%)CVN IMPACT VALUE
500(min)400(min)25 minAt -46 C27 Joules

                                           PACKING SPECIFICATIONS

 Diameter (mm)2.503.204.005.00
 Length (mm)350350/450350/450450
 Weight shrink wrapped (kg)5 kgs5 kgs5 kgs5 kgs
 Weight per box (kg)20 kgs20 kgs20 kgs20 kgs

                 Note : Available in HERMETICALLY Sealed Cans & Shrink-rapped cardboard boxes.


Storage & Reconditioning

  • Store in a dry place, re-dry (if damp), for two (2) hours at 230 C prior to use.